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Epiphany Ministries Inc. National Board

California:  Phyllis Nadler - Observer (non-voting)
Colorado:  Milt Vanderwalker
Kansas:  Roy Bradshaw
Kentucky:  C.G. Collins - Observer (non-voting
Louisiana:  Jeff Sanford, Vice-Chair and Spiritual Director
Maryland:  Carrie Miller - Observer (non-voting)
North Carolina:  Melissa Andreotti
Ohio:  Nicki Trout
South Carolina:  Donna Trapp
Texas:  Roy Bradshaw (acting observer for Texas)
Virginia:  Bobbie Stein, Treasurer
At Large:  James Caldwell, Chair

At Large:  Ben Robertson, Secretary
National Office:  Leslie Nordby (non-voting)

Committee Assignments

Expansion Committee: 
                                           Roy Bradshaw
                                           Jeff Sanford
                                           Robert Griffith
Finance Committee:       Bobbie Stein
                                           Leslie Nordby
                                           Donna Trapp
                                           Jayne Griffith
Personnel Committee:  James Caldwell
                                           Phyllis Nadler
                                           Bobbie Stein
                                           Ben Robertson
Web Site Committee:     Ben Robertson

                                           Erin Sanford

                                           Melissa Andreotti